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Action from Group 4 of the Hurworth Hunt Hedge Hop & Log Leap on Sunday 2nd September, 2012. Manor Farm, Silton, North Yorkshire, England.
Hurworth HedgeHop 367Hurworth HedgeHop 368Hurworth HedgeHop 369Hurworth HedgeHop 370Hurworth HedgeHop 371Hurworth HedgeHop 372Hurworth HedgeHop 373Hurworth HedgeHop 374Hurworth HedgeHop 375Hurworth HedgeHop 376Hurworth HedgeHop 377Hurworth HedgeHop 378Hurworth HedgeHop 379Hurworth HedgeHop 380Hurworth HedgeHop 381Hurworth HedgeHop 382Hurworth HedgeHop 383Hurworth HedgeHop 384Hurworth HedgeHop 385Hurworth HedgeHop 386