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Action from Group 2 & 3 of the Hurworth Hunt Hedge Hop & Log Leap on Sunday 2nd September, 2012. Manor Farm, Silton, North Yorkshire, England.
Hurworth HedgeHop 114Hurworth HedgeHop 115Hurworth HedgeHop 116Hurworth HedgeHop 117Hurworth HedgeHop 118Hurworth HedgeHop 119Hurworth HedgeHop 120Hurworth HedgeHop 121Hurworth HedgeHop 122Hurworth HedgeHop 123Hurworth HedgeHop 124Hurworth HedgeHop 125Hurworth HedgeHop 126Hurworth HedgeHop 127Hurworth HedgeHop 128Hurworth HedgeHop 129Hurworth HedgeHop 130Hurworth HedgeHop 131Hurworth HedgeHop 132Hurworth HedgeHop 133