Action from a number of Hound Shows & Puppy Shows including:
  • The Festival of Hunting at Peterborough
  • The Harrogate Hound Show at the Great Yorkshire Show
  • The Hurworth Hunt Puppy Show
  • The Sinnington Hunt Puppy Show
  • The Bedale Hunt Puppy Show
Hound & Puppy Show Favourites2018 Festival of Hunting Peterborough2018 Hurworth Hunt Puppy Show2017 Festival of Hunting Peterborough2017 Hurworth Hunt Puppy Show2016 Festival of Hunting Peterborough2015 Festival of Hunting, Peterborough2014 Festival of Hunting, Peterborough2014 Hurworth Hunt Puppy Show2013 Hurworth Hunt Puppy Show2012 Festival of Hunting, Peterborough2012 Hurworth Hunt Puppy Show 16.06.122012 Hurworth Hunt Puppy Show Practice2011 Festival of Hunting2011 Bedale Hunt Puppy Show2011 Sinnington Hunt Puppy Show2011 Harrogate Hound Show at the Great Yorkshire Show