Amy is an award winning country sports photographer with a reputation for excellence and quality.
As an experienced shooter and photographer Amy combines her passions to photograph the story of your game / sim shoot day as it unfolds: capturing all aspects of the day from drawing peg numbers to home time, providing a beautiful, permanent record for you to cherish and share with your friends.
Castle Hill 11.01.24Castle Hill 01.12.23Jerveaux Abbey 28.12.23Wentworth Woodhouse 11.12.23Allerton Park 26.10.23Catton Hall 14.11.23Allerton Park 20.11.23Black Park 06.01.24Kepwick 06.11.21Kepwick 01.11.19Kepwick 07.12.19Allerton Park 19.11.19Allerton Park 20.11.22Kepwick 06.11.20Boltby 14.12.21Jervaux Abbey 14.01.22Jervaux Abbey 03.01.22Jervaux Abbey 29.12.20Upsall Castle 21.11.19Upsall Castle 23.10.18Mountgarret 01.10.19Sawley 17.12.19Sawley 09.12.21Upsall Castle 22.10.22Upsall Castle 16.10.21Wentworth Woodhouse 12.12.22Wentworth Woodhouse 17.01.22Wentworth Woodhouse 22.11.21Wentworth Woodhouse 18.10.21Wentworth Woodhouse 07.10.19Wentworth Woodhouse 19.10.20Studley Royal Ladies Shoot 29.11.16Ladies Shooting - Ripley Castle 04.10.16Ladies Shooting - Ripley Castle 17.09.16Ladies Shooting Ripley Castle 15.01.16Ladies Shooting - Ripley Castle 18.12.15Mrs S.Ladies Shooting - Ripley Castle 06.10.15Game Book ImagesScugdale Shooting 26.01.15Ladies Shooting - Ripley Castle 09.12.14Saddler Shooting 24.11.14Ladies Shooting - Ripley Castle 07.10.14Ladies Shooting - Ripley Castle 15.01.14Ladies Shooting Shotgun & Chelsea Bun Club FavouritesLadies Shooting - Ripley Castle 13.11.13Ladies Shooting - Ripley Castle 08.10.13Ladies Shooting - Ripley Castle 14.09.13Ladies Shooting - Ripley Castle 24.01.13Belvoir Castle 07.12.10