The collection of trail hunting galleries for the 2011/12 season, including Meets of the Bilsdale Hunt and Hurworth Hunt. North Yorkshire, England
Trail Hunting Season 2011-12 FavouritesHedge Hop 10.03.12Bilsdale Hurworth 10.03.12Bilsdale Hurworth 03.03.12Bilsdale Hurworth 21.02.12Bilsdale Hurworth 18.02.12Bilsdale Hurworth 15.02.12Weardale & Tees Valley Beagles 11.02.12Bilsdale Hurworth 28.01.12Bilsdale Hurworth 21.01.12Bilsdale Hurworth 19.01.12Bilsdale Hurworth 14.01.12Bilsdale Hurworth 07.01.12Bilsdale Hurworth 02.01.12Bilsdale Hurworth 31.12.11Bilsdale Hurworth 24.12.11Bilsdale Hurworth 17.12.11Bilsdale Hurworth 10.12.11Bilsdale Hurworth 03.12.11Bilsdale Hurworth 26.11.17Bilsdale Hurworth 19.11.11Bilsdale Hurworth 15.11.11Bilsdale Hurworth 12.11.11Bilsdale Hurworth 05.11.11Bilsdale Hurworth 29.10.11Bilsdale Hurworth 22.10.11Bilsdale Hurworth 15.10.11Bilsdale Hurworth 08.10.11Bilsdale Hurworth 04.10.11Bilsdale Hurworth 17.09.11Bilsdale Hurworth 08.09.11