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Hurworth Hunt Old English Hedge Hop 12.03.172016 Hurworth Team Ride & Hunter Trial2016 Bilsdale & Hurworth Hunts' The Hop2015 Bilsdale & Hurworth Hedge Hop2015 Hurworth Hunt Show CrossHurworth Hunt Old English Hedge Hop 15.03.152014 Hedge Hop & Log Leap2014 Hurworth Hunt Show Cross2013 Hurworth Hedge Hop & Log Leap2013 Hurworth Hunt Show Cross2012 Hurworth Hedge Hop & Log LeapNEC - Mini ODE - 07.05.122012 Hurworth Hunt Show Cross2011 Hurworth Hunt Showcross 02.10.11Hurworth Farm Ride 16.05.10Point to PointsPoloArea 3 Prince Philip Games 05.05.13